New Music

The Flatland Zingers have been working on new material as a trio. Have a look at our new video for a sampler of some of our recent songs, and head over to YouTube for a few more full selections.

Debut Album Now Available

The Flatland Zingers were excited to release their self-titled debut album, The Flatland Zingers in February 2014. Since that time, Fiddler Reese (Reid Courson) has left the band, and the band currently performs as a trio. The twelve songs we chose for this album are some of our favorites to play live and represent a sampling of the broad variety of the types of tunes we enjoy playing. All the tracks (except #8 – Collard Green World) are songs we have found in the public domain and given the “Zinger treatment”. We hope you enjoy the songs on this album.

Get a Copy

Get your own copy of The Flatland Zingers at any of our shows, or send us an email, and we can get one in your hands for $12 plus shipping. Also, we're right pleased to offer the album online. You can purchase the digital tracks through CD Baby below, or head over to iTunes or Amazon or Google, depending on what you like.

About the Songs

Sally Anne – Reese developed an alternative arrangement of this traditional fiddle tune to play on the bouzouki, a greek cousin of the mandocello.
Riley the Furniture Man – Reese learned this bluesy story song from an early 1900s recording. The furniture business hasn't changed much since then.
Red Rockin' Chair – Clem introduced us to a Bruce Molsky version of this old song and said “we ought to learn this”, so we did.
Boatman – Reese learned this fun tune from the Black Twig Pickers in Floyd, Va., and Maggie added a verse so we'd know when to stop playing.
The Blackest Crow – Reese and Maggie sing a wonderfully haunting duet on this Victorian era love song.
Johnson Boys – If your heritage is rural, you knew these guys and Maggie helps us remember them and their offbeat exploits.
Mountain Liza Jane – Reese, Maggie, and Rob all play random leads on this old fiddle tune. This is the one that Reese breaks out and dances to during our live shows.
Collard Green World – Maggie's tribute to her love of playing music with her friends and eating good southern food. (You'll sing along on the chorus, guaranteed.)
Jersey Bull Blues – Rob learned this one from a Tobacco Tags recording from the 1930s via good buddy Lightnin' Wells.
Oh My Little Darling – Reese does a fine job fiddlin' and singing this fun old song.
Cluck Ol' Hen – Maggie's simple banjo plucking and fun vocals on this sparsely instrumented traditional tune sounds “finger-lickin' good”.
Captain O'Kane – Reese creatively blends bouzouki, irish whistle, and a fiddle harmony track to produce this song's hauntingly beautiful layers of sound. Wow!


This album would not and could not have happened without the vision and generosity of J. Alan Casey of Carolina Still. Justin has been a friend and supporter of what would eventually become the Flatland Zingers since we started playing together as a group. In the Fall of 2013, he encouraged us to come over to his studio and do some recording. What started as a demo CD eventually grew into this full length album. Justin did the recording, mixing, and mastering, in addition to photography, designing the graphics and packaging, and processing the order. From start to finish he made it happen – and we are so very grateful. Thank you Justin!

We also wish to thank others that contributed to the album: James E. Casey designed our logo, produces videos for us, and takes care of designing and maintaining our websites. Thank you James!

And also, Bob Daw and Tom Whelan for letting us use their photographs on the album. Thanks! by jamesecasey